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We have a state of the art kitchen for anyone needing to cook or bake in mass. Then if you want to serve it we have the meeting space that can be used as a dining area. The meeting space is great for receptions, birthday parties, and even a regular meeting. 



The kitchen is great for anyone who is trying to cook more than they usually do. It is fully up to date and state of the art. It should have everything you need. If you're
worried we might not have something, send us an email and we will answer any question we can. If you need something extra that you could not buy in bulk let us know and we will try our best to find it for you at a reduced cost.



The meeting space is great for any occasion. You could easily have a good sized wedding reception in the space and everyone be comfortable. The meeting space for birthday parties would provide a safe place for your attendees and leave you worry-free. For regular meeting among co-workers or just friends provides more than enough room for everyone.

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